3 customer service best practices that help build customer loyalty

Exceptional customer service is central to successful customer relationships for every business—whether you’re in fine dining or high finance.

As customer expectations have exploded within the digital sphere, so has the necessity to stand out, increase revenue, and find new ways to grow customer loyalty. In this environment, you need to wow your customers with an exceptional experience every time. But how?

Let’s look at three ways to build customer loyalty through great customer service.

1. Offer choice and variety in engagement channels.

A great brand doesn’t provide just one way to connect. When you offer customers multiple ways to engage with your service department anytime and anywhere, they’re more likely to make repeat purchases. And it’s just as important to make it easy for customers to reach you if they’ve had less-than-perfect experiences.

Rather than offloading the customer complaint to a representative, smart companies use life-like digital assistants, social media, and automated call centers to personalize the customer experience further and make the buyer feel heard. When customers need to contact customer service after a purchase, they appreciate companies that are available and attentive—and will stick with those companies long term.

2. Automate customer service processes and interactions.

In the past, companies launched a campaign, product, or service and then waited for feedback over time. Today, smart companies automate as much of this process as possible while collecting customer data from each interaction.

One advantage of ongoing, iterative customer service is the capability to act on feedback from customers in real time. If you can automate and provide a personalized customer experience across each touchpoint, you can deliver a continuously high level of service. Automated processes create an easy, unified experience for buyers and a streamlined experience for employees.

3. Connect customer service interaction data.

Customers value a seamless experience—from their initial contact and purchase to adoption and use. Making the entire process easy and flexible increases the likelihood that they’ll buy more products and services, which generates more revenue. With connected customer data from previous interactions, you can anticipate customers’ needs and provide additional value at just the right time. With artificial intelligence trained on this connected data, you’ll be able to make future interactions more engaging and relevant.

Every interaction with your customer is an opportunity to grow your business and drive your revenue. Making customer service matter gives you a point of differentiation and a competitive advantage in a chaotic marketplace. When you embrace the idea of making exceptional customer service part of the overall experience, you don’t just earn sales—you earn customer loyalty with every interaction.


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Taken from: 3 customer service best practices that help build customer loyalty (oracle.com) 

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