BigCommerce leads for five ecommerce imperatives.

BigCommerce is the platform powering ecommerce for mid-market and enterprise brands across all online channels. With tens of thousands of merchants from retail to B2B, BigCommerce is the platform behind websites like Adore Beauty, Vodafone, Solo Stove, Skullcandy, and others.

According to BigCommerce CEO, Brent Bellm, BigCommerce is the only ecommerce platform businesses will ever need: “We’re the best fit in the market for brands that want to modernise and scale. E-commerce brands need a platform that doesn’t hold them back. A platform of high performance, freedom, expert support and operational efficiencies. Ecommerce is what we do and it’s all we do.”

BigCommerce chief technology officer, Brian Dhatt added, “Cookie-cutter ecommerce doesn’t cut it anymore. At BigCommerce, we give you the power to customise without the typical cost and complexity. We want brands to be able to focus their time and resources on what really matters — enhancing the customer experience and growing their business.”

In addition, to kick off the BigCommerce Partner Summit last July, CEO Brent Bellm highlighted BigCommerce vision and strategy for the future, which is centred around five key imperatives:


BigCommerce is the only ecommerce solution that offers the choice of native low/no code tools, a headless solution, or both in a Multi-Storefront ecosystem.


Maximise site traffic, demand, and sales across leading search, social, ad, affiliate, and marketplace channels. BigCommerce’s Feedonomics is the top-rated enterprise solution for omnichannel integration, data aggregation and transformation, catalogue syndication and order syncing.


Increase conversion rates with the best one-page checkout user experience, industry-leading payments, shipping and tax capabilities, customisability, and B2B functionality with over 130 leading payment providers pre-integrated, 0% additional transaction fees and no proprietary penalties.


Add brands, geographies, and channels with unique storefronts, while growing revenue with native Multi-Storefront, B2B andB2C, omnichannel Click and Collect, and Commerce-as-a-Service.


BigCommerce delivers enterprise ecommerce capabilities without traditional monolith expense, friction, or complexity. In addition, it manages hosting, performance, quality, updates, platform innovation and pre-integration with best-in-class technologies and partners.


The Final Word

Regardless of size, location, or industry —it is imperative that online merchants successfully achieve these five things: 1. build great shopping experiences for increased engagement, 2. attract modern shoppers where they are across channels, 3. convert more of those shoppers into repeat buyers and loyalists, and 4. strategically expand to grow market share and revenue streams —all while 5. streamlining operations and lowering costs and risk.

Thus, BigCommerce empowers these five imperatives better than any other platform in the world for brands to grow and scale.



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