Talend in 2023: Customer-focused, customer-forward

Prepping for a sales kick-off puts the focus on an organization’s customers unlike any other event. There is no selling — or success — without understanding and fulfilling the needs of our prospects and customers. As our gathering in Nashville last month proved, Talend is laser-focused on meeting customers wherever they are in their data journey, with everything they need to solve their most pressing data management challenges.

We know that organizations of all sizes in every industry are struggling to deliver on the potential value of data. There’s a perfect storm of multiplying, diverse data sources paired with scarce resources and a growing technical skills gap. It’s left the companies we’ve talked to grasping for ways to deliver trusted insights, make better decisions, and sync the business applications that drive operations and productivity.  A struggling economy adds an undercurrent of urgent pressure to make those things happen.

Talend offers modern data management that drives real value for businesses of all sizes and verticals. We’re positioned to meet your needs for three simple reasons: our platform is complete, it is flexible, and it is trusted.

Those are great words, but what do they mean for you — our valued customers and partners — in the year ahead? Here’s what complete, flexible, and trusted capabilities and benefits look like in action.

The Talend platform is complete

Simply put, our modular solution supports the data lifecycle for users across the organization. That encompasses data integration, data governance and quality, as well as application and API integration. Here’s how the magic happens:

Data integration — Collect, combine, and transform data from a variety of sources at scale to support operations and analytics:  

  • 1,000+ out-of-the-box SaaS and on-premises components including, Salesforce, Tableau, and Snowflake[1]
  • Extensive out-of-the-box transformations around data mapping, data modeling, and data cleansing
  • Low-code/no-code, drag-and-drop interfaces that are 10 times faster than hand-coding
  • Orchestration and monitoring capabilities to support complex environments and mission-critical pipelines

Data governance and quality — Monitor, govern data, understand lineage, and define and enforce policies around your data  

  • Fine-grained data sharing control, data sensitivity labels, tracking, lineage, masking
  • Talend Trust Score™, data quality indicators, and dynamic profiling charts to deliver complete, fresh, and trusted insights at a glance
  • Self-service SaaS apps such as Data Preparation and Data Stewardship for tracking and monitoring data

Application integration and API integration — share data at scale through business applications and API integration: 

  • Event-driven architectures and support for real-time processing, including Apache Camel routes and messaging brokers such as Kafka[2]
  • API services to provide trusted data to internal and external stakeholders and applications
  • Out-of-the-box orchestration to automate business processes and tasks

The Talend platform is flexible

Our scalable and extensible, cloud-independent solution supports almost any deployment architecture. Whether your environment is on-premises, in a multi-cloud, a hybrid cloud or any combination, Talend works for you. But the proof is in the details:


  • Consistent support across on-premises, cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud environments
  • Real-time migration without interruption, using Talend CDC for real-time data replication
  • Support for ongoing hybrid cloud and multi-cloud deployments across AWS, Azure, and Google[3] Cloud environments
  • Flexible options for ongoing management and procurement via Cloud Marketplaces

Modern data design  

  • Proven track record of support for a variety of data management approaches (data lakes, warehouses, marts, etc.) for analytics and operational needs
  • Support modern and metadata-driven architectures like data fabric and data mesh
  • Rich partner ecosystem to integrate seamlessly into and future-proof your tech stack

Scalable and extensible to support unique business and technical needs  

  • Industry-standard formats, rich APIs, and frameworks in partnership with technology leaders
  • Advanced configurability for pipeline designs, workflows, transformations, and other components
  • Flexible and scalable deployment options through distributed processing on big data platforms, including Universal Spark[4 ]

The Talend platform is trusted

We deliver transparent business value while supporting security and compliance needs. Justifying a solution to a buying committee or other stakeholders gets much easier when you have transparent and predictable costs, accelerated time to value, and enterprise-class security, reliability and compliance support. So how do we increase value while also mitigating risk? With Talend, you get:

Transparency and predictability of costs  

  • Simple, easy-to-understand pricing models for all products and services — with no hidden costs
  • Predictable pricing models that enable more accurate estimations of costs as needs evolve over time or as the deployment needs to scale

Accelerated time to value (TTV)  

  • An extensive global community of users and partners sharing knowledge across verticals, segments, and data cultures
  • Accelerators, quickstarts, and Talend Academy training to speed up implementation and get to value faster
  • Global value-added resellers and system integrators ecosystem to help architect, deploy, and manage systems to suit your specific business and industry needs
  • Safe switch from other platforms – traditional systems, point solutions and others — with no downtime or operational impact

Enterprise-class security, reliability, and compliance support  

  • Certified-compliant status with international security standards including, SOC2 Type 2, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO/IEC 27701:2019
  • Financially backed 99.9% uptime with 24/7 support
  • Powerful capabilities that help customers comply with privacy regulations including, GDPR and CCPA, as well as industry-specific regulations such as HIPAA
  • Regular updates and quick Common Vulnerability Exposures (CVE) fixes to manage and minimize security risks

Qlik + Talend: A dream team for data users everywhere

Last month, Qlik announced its intention to acquire Talend. That’s big news, and the prospect of these two companies joining forces could deliver big benefits to our customers and partners. The promise of these Gartner Magic Quadrant [5] leaders coming together opens the door to so many more possibilities — more solutions, more options, and more value for organizations that rely on our products to drive value using their data.

Moreover, the vision of a unified Qlik and Talend promises to provide a single source for customer data needs, capable of supporting the end-to-end data needs of businesses of any size, in any industry. Other positive outcomes we envision are increased growth and innovation that will continue to enable the success of existing and future customers and partners.

In 2023, Talend is committed to empowering companies and teams to discover, understand, manage, and control data. With a modular solution that supports the entire data lifecycle — and all users — across the organization, it is the best value in modern data management.
By Casey George

[1] Salesforce, Tableau, and Snowflake are trademarks of their respective owners
[2] Apache Camel and Kafka are trademarks of their respective owners
[3] AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud are trademarks of their respective owners
[4] Universal Spark is the trademark of its owner
[5] Gartner Magic Quadrant is a trademark of its owner

Taken from: https://www.talend.com/blog/talend-in-2023-customer-focused-customer-forward/


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