Merchants Can Now Integrate Microsoft Advertising on BigCommerce

The future of ecommerce isn’t just on your website. It’s on marketplaces, social channels and search engines — and businesses know this.

In fact, Hubspot reports that 91% of retailers and brands have plans to invest in an omnichannel strategy in the next year. That’s why it’s imperative for merchants to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to their omnichannel strategy, and work with platforms that provide them with the opportunity to seamlessly integrate across channels with ease.

To continue providing merchants with the tools they need to succeed, we’ve partnered with Microsoft Advertising to create Microsoft Ads and Listings app for BigCommerce.

This easy-to-use integration will allow BigCommerce merchants to advertise their products to over one billion people served by the Microsoft Ads Platform.

What is Microsoft Ads and Listings App for BigCommerce?

This new integration allows BigCommerce merchants to connect with high-value, motivated buyers where they’re already searching for products as part of their buying journey — including search, native, display and video — powered by the Microsoft Advertising ad platform.

In addition to accessing this new audience, merchants can now synchronize their ecommerce product catalog directly to the Microsoft Merchant Center, even make them eligible for free Product Listings and create shopping campaigns to promote their products and track and manage the performance of the campaigns to maximize their business growth without leaving the BigCommerce Control Panel.

Why Should Merchants Use the Microsoft Ads and Listings App Integration? 

Omnichannel ecommerce is the key to growth in the space, and merchants need to have a holistic strategy across channels in order to succeed. Using a strategy that combines efforts across marketplaces, social channels and search engines can allow merchants to grow by leaps and bounds.

The Microsoft Ads and Listings app integration can help merchants:

Broaden audience reach through new channels. 

The Microsoft Advertising Network sees billions of searches each month, giving merchants the opportunity to showcase products beyond the primary search engines in order to reach millions of potential customers who are on Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Bing, Edge and via syndicated partners, such as Yahoo!, AOL and more.

Drive more traffic with enhanced shopping experiences. 

Through the Microsoft Shopping Tab, merchants can filter product feeds with specific attributes that deliver richer ad content and narrows search results that increase click-through and conversion rates by simply making it easier for shoppers to find what they are looking for.

Save time and import existing campaigns with ease. 

In just a few clicks, merchants can import existing ad campaigns immediately or on a schedule to keep all ad campaigns in sync.

Monitor and optimize ad performance on the go. 

Without leaving the BigCommerce Control panel, merchants can see campaign performance with a snapshot view or run detailed reporting on a wide or granular scope, with specific key elements or side-by-side comparisons across various ad campaigns. Changes can be made in real time on status, budgets and bids while having access to a personalized tips dashboard and customer support to get better results.

The Final Word

The Microsoft Ads and Listings app integration gives merchants the opportunity to access over one billion shoppers where they’re already shopping. Because we strive to help our merchants succeed and grow their businesses, we have partnered with Microsoft to bring this powerful tool to the BigCommerce dashboard. Now merchants can access, create, modify and gather data on advertising and product campaigns across the Microsoft network.

Want to learn more about the Microsoft Ads and Listings app? Head to the BigCommerce link listed below.

Taken from: https://www.bigcommerce.com/blog/microsoft-ads-and-listings-app/


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