BigCommerce Named a Leader Among B2C Ecommerce Platforms in IDC MarketScape Report

The importance of ecommerce capabilities for B2C merchants has increased significantly in 2020. Many businesses went online for the first time, and many more honed their online presence to better adapt in competitive markets. More than ever, choosing the right ecommerce platform is foundational for your B2C ecommerce business success. But how do you choose?

The truth is: there is no one right ecommerce platform that is the perfect fit for every business. That might seem like a strange thing to read on a blog run by an ecommerce platform. It’s true, at BigCommerce we firmly believe we have a product equipped to help many brands from SMBs to enterprises build, innovate, and grow their businesses.

However, every business is unique. We also think it’s important for you to consider all the options and truly choose the right choice for your specific needs and challenges. That will depend not only on factors like what you sell and where you are in your growth, but also on how you want to differentiate yourself in the market.

We want to give you the tools to help you make that choice by offering not only our own opinions, but also those of independent analysts. That’s why we’re thrilled to provide you access to an excerpt from the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled B2C Digital Commerce Platforms 2020 Vendor Assessment (Doc # US45741420, September 2020).

This report evaluated 19 ecommerce providers, and we’re excited to announce it named BigCommerce as a Leader in B2C digital commerce.

In addition to giving you an opportunity to see the chart comparing the 19 platforms along with key insights for B2C businesses from the IDC MarketScape, read on for a quick background on the IDC MarketScape and some of what led to BigCommerce receiving the recognition it did.

What is the IDC MarketScape?

IDC, or the International Data Corporation, is the self-described “premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets.” They have over 1,100 analysts worldwide working to investigate new opportunities, technologies, and trends to help businesses make fact-based decisions.

IDC MarketScape is a vendor assessment model designed to provide an overview of the competitive fitness of information and communications technology suppliers in a given market. In this case, the market focused on is B2C digital commerce providers. The report utilizes a rigorous scoring methodology based on both qualitative and quantitative criteria. That information is used to create a single graphical illustration of each vendor’s position within the market of focus.

One of the advantages of the IDC MarketScape is that it provides a clear framework in which the product and service offerings, capabilities and strategies, and current and future market success factors of digital commerce platforms can be meaningfully compared. The framework makes it possible for businesses shopping around for new technology to get a 360-degree assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and prospective vendors.

Why BigCommerce is a Leader?

IDC analysts considered a number of factors when positioning each digital commerce platform within the market.

They remarked on BigCommerce’s strengths for B2C digital commerce in the following areas:

  • Level of Value: Customers that IDC interviewed rated BigCommerce above average for the level of value delivered, relative to the price paid for the application.
  • App Marketplace: BigCommerce offers an App Marketplace for add-ons to the core commerce offering in areas such as PIM, order management, shipping, and marketing content management. In total, there are over 800 apps on the marketplace.
  • Implementation Experience: Customers that IDC interviewed rated BigCommerce above average for its implementation experience. Smaller customers IDC spoke with were able to implement without developers.

While many different types of businesses could benefit from a high-value product, a robust app marketplace to extend the platform, and an easier path to implementation, the report further outlines which specific types of businesses would best benefit from BigCommerce.

The report indicates that B2C businesses may want to “consider BigCommerce if you are a fast-growing, experience-driven brand looking for a multitenant SaaS B2C digital commerce platform,” and “if your organization is primarily focused on differentiating with business agility and a fast time to market with a platform that is very business user-friendly.”

Final Thoughts

Not all ecommerce platforms are alike. Just as not all businesses are alike. And choosing the platform that is the right fit for your business has never been more important.

You need to find the technology that is in lockstep with your vision for your business. Is time to market the most important factor for your business? Or is differentiating based on digital experience the crucial way you’ll beat out competitors in your niche?

To help you make these mission-critical decisions based on impartial analysis, we’re providing access to an excerpt from the 2020 IDC MarketScape for B2C Digital Commerce. This will contain not only the chart comparing all 19 digital commerce options but also IDC commentary on how to make this important technology decision. You’ll also have to access to the full BigCommerce profile.


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